Independent Television Networks Applauds Ruling Favoring MASN Carriage on Time Warner Cable


Time Warner Cable found Guilty for a Second Time of Discriminating against an Independent Programming Network

WASHINGTON DC, June 13, 2008 – The National Association of Independent Networks, NAIN, applauds the recent ruling by a FCC appointed arbitrator finding that independent programming network MASN was discriminated against by Time Warner Cable in its program access decision not to grant fair carriage to MASN.  This is the second time that an impartial arbitrator has found that MASN was discriminated against by Time Warner Cable in its programming access carriage decision.


According to Charles Herring, a spokesperson for NAIN, “We were pleased to hear the welcome news from MASN the day of the ruling.  Yet the MASN arbitration ruling that found that Time Warner Cable was discriminating against an independent network is both welcome news and a sad commentary on the state of fair and competitive programming access in the cable industry today.  First, the ruling casts a bright light on the fact that cable companies are constantly using their access power to hurt competing independent networks.  Second, the arbitrators found decisive evidence that Time Warner Cable deployed a double standard towards an independent network in order to protect a competing network it owned, even though the practice is a clear violation of existing federal law.  Third, it demonstrates that a quick complaint procedure that enhances programming diversity and keeps consumer interest at the forefront is sorely needed.”

“Unfortunately, the arbitration process used in this case is not available to protect consumers generally.  That’s why NAIN is dedicated to working to create an expedited review process at the FCC so that independent networks can receive fair treatment and equal access to carriage as networks owned by the cable companies themselves.   Simply put, we need carriage access reform to keep cable honest.” concluded Herring.


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