NAIN Expresses Grave Concerns
with Comcastís Proposed Acquisition of NBC-Universal

Independent Programming Networks Urge President Obama and Congress
to Impose Meaningful Conditions on the Comcast-NBC Universal Merger


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WASHINGTON DC, February 14, 2010 – The National Association of Independent Networks, NAIN, has joined a large and diverse group of industry trade organizations, consumer advocacy groups and labor organizations to express its grave concerns with Comcastís proposed acquisition of NBC-Universal. NAIN is urging President Obama and Congress to ensure that meaningful conditions are placed on the transaction to discourage the post merger media giant from engaging in discriminatory and anti-competitive behavior.


A post merger Comcast media giant would control the nationís largest cable company, the largest residential broadband provider, and numerous major television networks and production studios. A post merger Comcast would have further incentives to favor its own programming over independent programming networks. Such discriminatory and anti-competitive conduct directly leads to less meaningful choices for the consumer, less diversity in programming, and higher cable bills. “Pre-merger, Comcast’s track record and the recent increase in filed FCC complaints against Comcast by independent networks speaks volumes of the anti-competitive concerns by NAIN.  Post merger, the further strong incentives for Comcast to discriminatorily favor its own programming may cripple the entrepreneurial efforts of emerging and established independent networks, leading to less real choices and voices in television and higher programming costs paid for by the consumer,” stated a NAIN spokesperson.


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The National Association of Independent Networks, NAIN, is a trade organization dedicated to addressing the needs of independent cable programming networks in a positive and proactive way. NAINís advocacy efforts focus on establishing a more competitive programming environment, benefiting consumers by offering lower prices, higher quality programming, greater diversity and more choices. The group is comprised of well established independent cable programming networks along with pre and post launched emerging networks. NAIN members and supporters represent a wide range of independent programming networks from sports related channels to some of the nationís most well established high definition networks to minority focused networks. For more information, please visit




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