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High Quality Programming.
Lower Programming Costs.
Faster Implementation of Advanced Services.
More Diversity and Choices.



FCC 616 Reform to Benefit Minority Media


“By advancing reforms to make complaints against unfair discrimination; independent, minority and emerging television networks will have a better chance of being carried on multi-channel video platforms. This is an important first step to advance minority media ownership and enhance the diversity of voices after years of media consolidation.”


José Luis Rodríguez

CEO &Founder of HITN TV Statement

released on December 1, 2008


NAIN Proposed language for carriage access discrimination process reform (616 reform)



What is an independent network? Independent networks are independent of distribution platforms (cable companies & DBS providers) and broadcast affiliates. Unfortunately, today television programming is provided by and access is limited to, primarily a small number of large media companies that control distribution platforms and/or possess multiple broadcast affiliates, giving them special negotiating powers and access, at the expense of independent networks, hurting the television consumer.

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When there is fair access to cable systems and DBS platforms, the entrepreneurial spirit of independent networks is allowed to flourish, providing the television consumer with better content, lower prices, and greater choices.
Support independent networks and demand them by name.

  • High Quality Programming
  • Lower Programming Costs
  • Faster Implementation of Advanced Services
  • More Diversity and Choices

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Several of today’s top established independent networks, combined with pre and post launched emerging independent networks, have come together to work in a positive and productive fashion on various issues affecting independent programming networks.  NAIN is committed to ensuring a competitive environment in the programming arena, which direct benefits to the consumer.  NAIN’s focus includes taking an active role in fair carriage access advocacy, bandwidth consumer issues, creating a competitive programming environment, and recognizing the achievements of organizations and individuals that have been supportive of NAIN's goals.

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